Mr. Tassapon Bijleveld

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Mr. Tassapon Bijleveld

The date of appointment: March 3, 2014

Age (years): 57


  • Master Degree of Science Thammasart University, Master in Marketing Program
  • Bachelor Degree of Business Administration Major in Marketing, Assumption University (ABAC)
  • Director Certification Program (DCP 148/2011), Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP 81/2009), Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
  • The Capital Market Academy (CMA 13), The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Number of Shares and Percentage of Asia Aviation PLC (%) 1: 17.8362

Relationship with other Management 2: None

5 years past and present work experience

Period Position Company
2018 - present Executive Chairman Asia Aviation Plc.
2007 - present Director Asia Aviation Plc.
2020 - present Risk Management Committee Advisor Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd.
2018 - present Executive Chairman/ Corporate Governance and sustainability Committee Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd.
2014 - present Nomination and Remuneration Committee Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd.
2003 - present Director Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd.
2021 - present Director Asia Aviation Center Co., Ltd.
2018 - present Director AirAsia SEA Limited (Formerly known as AirAsia Group (IHQ) Co., Ltd.)
2018 - present Director Red Aviation Co., Ltd.
2017 - present Director Kampee Corporation Co., Ltd.
2017 - present Director Kampee Logistics Co., Ltd.
2017 - present Director Bangkok Aviation Center Co., Ltd.
2014 - present Director Tune Insurance Plc.
2013 - present Director Thai AirAsia X Co., Ltd.
2010 - present Director Wealth Ventures Co., Ltd.
2016 - 2023 Director Suadam Corporation Co., Ltd.
2018 - 2019 Director Tune Money Co., Ltd.
2012 - 2019 Chairman of Risk Management Commitee Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd.

1 Including the shareholding from spouse and minor child
2 Family relationship means relation from blood, wedding and registered by laws