Asia Aviation is aware of and prioritises the fundamental rights of the Shareholders, by not doing anything to violate the rights of its Shareholders and supporting its Shareholders to exercise their rights.

The fundamental rights of the Shareholders include the right to buy and sell or to transfer shares, the right to receive profit sharing from Asia Aviation, the right to receive adequate information with regard to Asia Aviation, the rights relating to participation and voting in the Shareholders Meeting to elect or remove members of the board, appoint the external auditor, and make decisions on any transactions that affect the Company such as dividends payment, amendments to the Company's memorandum of association and articles of association or the Company's by laws, capital increases or decreases, and the approval of extraordinary transactions, etc. In this regard, Asia Aviation has established a corporate governance policy regarding the rights of shareholders the detail as follows:

Right of Shareholder Protection

Allowing shareholders to study the information before the Shareholders' Meeting

  • Asia Aviation will send the notice of the Shareholders' Meeting and supporting documents to each Shareholder at least five business days prior to the Meeting date (or any period of time as required by laws). The invitation will provide relevant information on each agenda item with opinions from the Board of Directors of Asia Aviation, proxy form as regulated by Ministry of Commerce, and list of Independent Directors that the Shareholders may select as their proxy, as well as map of the Meeting venue.

    The invitation will inform the list of required documents that the Shareholders need to bring to the Meeting in order to support the rights to participation in the Shareholders Meeting and to voting, as regulated by Asia Aviation's articles of association regarding the Shareholders' Meeting.

    Shareholders can also access any information concerning the agenda of the each Meeting of Asia Aviation at
  • In the case that any Shareholder cannot attend a Shareholders' Meeting in person, Asia Aviation allows such shareholder to appoint a proxy, either an Independent Director or any person, to attend the Meeting on his/her behalf.

Providing convenience for shareholders to exercise their right

  • Asia Aviation shall proceed Meeting registration and votes count with a barcode system so as to promote transparency, fairness and benefits for Shareholders. In addition, the Company has provided a document check point in case of proxy to attend to the Shareholders' Meeting and provide stamp duty for the proxy form as well as staff to service at the registration. The company will open for registration at least 2 hours before the Meeting.
  • Chairman of the Meeting will inform the Shareholders of rules of the Meeting and voting procedures. Time will be allotted appropriately.
  • All Shareholders will be treated equally in expressing their opinion and raising questions in the Meeting. Directors and relevant Management team members will attend the Shareholders' Meeting to provide responses to any inquiry raised at the Meeting and to take any comments and suggestions into consideration or for further actions. After the Shareholders' Meeting, Asia Aviation prepares the complete and accurate minutes of the Meeting within 14 days and submits to related agencies within the prescribed timeframe. Minutes of the Meeting will also be posted on Asia Aviation's website to allow interested Shareholders and stakeholders to access the information.

Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

Asia Aviation applies the principle of equal treatment to all Shareholders, be they Management or Non-Management Shareholders, Majority or Minority Shareholders, or local or foreign Shareholders, as follows:

  • Meeting shall be carried out as specified in the agenda enclosed with the Meeting notice. Additional agenda item shall not be impose without informing the Shareholders prior to the Meeting unless necessary, especially items that Shareholders should need significant time to study relevant information before making any decision.
  • The Minority Shareholders can nominate Directors by submitting details of nominees and consent letters to the Chairman of the Board prior to the Shareholders Meeting within reasonable time period as regulated by Asia Aviation.
  • Shareholders are encouraged the use of ballots for each agenda item. Ballots shall be kept in the Meeting room for vote count prior to the resolution announcement. For transparency, Asia Aviation will keep the ballots with Shareholders' or proxy's signatures in case of examination if there is any future argument.
  • Minutes of Meeting shall be recorded completely and accurately. The Minutes will be submitted to the Stock Exchange of Thailand within 14 days after the meeting. Minutes of the Meeting will also be posted on Asia Aviation's website.
  • Information is accessible in a complete, accurate, timely, and transparent manner, for Shareholders by making relevant and significant information available regularly.
  • The Company and its subsidiaries have set the policy and procedure for the Directors and Management and employees in using the inside information that has not been made public for personal interest and communicated the policy to their Directors, Management, and employees for their acknowledgement in writing under the Code of Conducts