Chairman Message

In gearing towards our goal of being widely acknowledged as a “Leader in Sustainability,” we must become a “Leader in ESG in action” while improving our services as an airline that meets customer needs.

In Focus: Climate Change

This year, our Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee has been actively engaged in discussions on moving sustainability initiatives forward including raising our standards up to international levels. We keep paying close attention to circumstances pertaining to climate change as we are committed to achieving net zero. Looking ahead, we expect regulatory changes both domestically and internationally. We are preparing ourselves to meet the challenges and explore new opportunities that arise.

Our top priority is to ensure legal compliance with any carbon offsetting requirements. Our primary challenge, which we presented to the Board of Directors, is to secure sufficient supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and carbon credits while managing our cost exposure. As a hard-to-abate sector, achieving net zero carbon emissions will be difficult. Therefore, it is critical to engage in discussions, develop plans, and take action ahead of competition. Other key components of our approach include continuous improvement each year and regular updates to the Board of Directors. It is also critical that all relevant parties, both within and outside of the firm, collaborate in earnest to drive sustainability in the desired manner.

Sustainability Outlook and Next Steps

What is apparent in the era of climate responsibility is that we cannot operate business as a stand-alone company. We require allies in the public and private sectors, such as other airlines, with whom we may pool resources for survival, expansion, and even to encourage state policy, as supportive policies are necessary for both the aviation and tourism industries in order to achieve economic recovery and benefits for all and rehabilitation of the economic environment.

In gearing towards our goal of being widely acknowledged as a “Leader in Sustainability,” we must become a “Leader in ESG in action” while improving our services as an airline that meets customer needs. We envision ourselves as an airline that can provide customers a comprehensive range of services from travel and lodging to food, facilities, entertainment, and even security. Taking into account internal and external factors, we must also recognise the importance of a continuous improvement culture especially in terms of maintaining our on-time performance, customer confidence levels and business reputation. In the long term, we are determined to consistently develop our sustainability pillars.

Good governance has provided the Company with a strong foundation and ethical business conduct remains the matter in which our stakeholders care most about. In particular, our shareholders wish to see us achieve profitability while also embracing our responsibilities in all ESG dimensions. Our customers wish to see us provide fair and worthwhile services and our employees expect their company to be admirable and a source of pride for them. Thus, it is our responsibility to create value and in a way that meets their expectations. To measure our performance, Asia Aviation underwent good governance evaluation by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the first time in 2013. We are proud to state that we have received “Excellent” appraisals every year since 2018.

Nonetheless, the following three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations have been prioritised by the corporation:

1. Affordable and Clean Energy: reduce our energy consumption and supportenergy transition research that are relevant to our business.

2. Responsible Consumption & Production: supporting and selecting appropriate sustainable eco-friendly inflight services and merchandise

3. Climate Action: adopting Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and carbon credits bothin and beyond the region

At the same time, we recognise the areas that require improvement. As we are gearing up for a digital future, we must bear in mind that human interaction remains crucial and customer relations cannot be compromised. We regularly adjust our social, economic and environmental strategies as needed and we listen to feedback from all our stakeholders. We welcome your feedback to help us continue to improve and meet your expectations of our company.

Mr. Vichate Tantiwanich
Chairman of the Board