“May your life be long and happy” is a common sentiment centred around the ideas of health and longevity, but in my perspective, this salutation’s true meaning is “sustainability”.

In relation to our company, the sentiment is for us to continue to grow and be resilient and everlasting, always able to overcome any ailments or impacting factors. While sometimes we may decide to tread slowly, our basis of health and discipline means we can regain momentum when the time is right. Sustainability is a goal that requires the effort of many, with no one more or less important, that is to say, the company must care about its returns, society and the environment in equal measure. We cannot work exclusively for society just as regulatory bodies must at times provide us support. By strengthening ourselves in every dimension, both in terms of our company and for society, we safeguard ourselves for every situation.

At the heart of sustainability is being ‘Capable and Good’, ‘Capable’ is working together efficiently, constantly developing and producing excellence work while being ‘Good’ starts with caring for our own employees and stakeholders and operating our business with responsibility, morality, care for the environment and society and with consideration towards how our business affects others. In passing on sustainability, we must first create it internally and externally.

“Longevity results from a perseverant spirit”. Our directors, executives and staff know that we are currently flying through a sky made turbulent by factors beyond our control, but while the journey may be shaky and uneven, as long as we believe in our captain and crew and manage those factors that we can, maintaining our spirit, we will pass through these winds together.

I thank our executives, employees, investors and all of our stakeholders for the past year and bid you remain confident in our potential and readiness to regain growth momentum when the opportunity arises.

Mr. Vichate Tantiwanich
Chairman of the Board