The compliment that always puts a smile on our faces is “if you want to fly on time, fly Thai AirAsia.”

It is well known that not just anyone can be successful in the aviation business. This is an industry that requires efficient management for the assured safety and comfort of passengers on a daily basis. Behind the day to day service on AirAsia flights are staff who have received extensive training and that regularly review how to comply with flight requirements, maintain their composure and handle different situations. All of this is in the interest of providing passengers with happy and comfortable flights.

The compliment that always puts a smile on our faces is “if you want to fly on time, fly Thai AirAsia.” We hear this often and it has become so common as to be a characteristic of Thai AirAsia held by almost everyone. Our on-time performance is no coincidence however and is actually the result of dedicated work. We maintain an On-Time Performance Committee populated by department heads, which meets once a month with the CEO and holds other frequent meetings to review recent lessons and revise operations. We plan in advance using databases on past weather conditions, proper block times and holidays that may impact operations. All of this data allows us to handle issues, develop and improve our on-time performance and has made this capability accepted among passengers and guaranteed by international rankings.

The compliments we receive motivate our board, top management and staff to continue working to their utmost with the goal of perpetual service development.

I thank all of our passengers for their encouragement and compliments and thank our staff for continuing to believe in the Pause & Play policy. Thank you for staying strong, training yourselves and staying ready to return to service after the COVID-19 pandemic. We have proven our capability. I also thank our shareholders, debtors and stakeholders for their continued trust in our top management and personnel.

I am confident that we are leaving this turbulence behind for clear skies and that our strong vision will return us all to our desired course of strong and sustainable growth.

Mr. Vichate Tantiwanich
Chairman of the Board