Our extensive experience and training have led us through the storm to safer horizons.

It is well understood that the aviation business has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that has continued for two years now. In our 2019 report, I bid all of our shareholders “Healthy and Longevity” and I believe that over the past two years, all of us here have held on firmly to our “health” with determination to be ready to return to full service as soon as the opportunity presents itself, believing that our good mental and physical health will bring about “longevity” for our company.

The year 2021 continued to be turbulent for us, with COVID-19 persisting and buying power faltering in line with the contracting economy. While these circumstances were unavoidable, our executives and Allstars maintained their resolve and kept our flight steady, using their extensive experience and training to lead us through the storm to safer horizons.

While 2021 was a year of challenges, our board, executives, and staff never lost faith that the storm would soon subside. We were disciplined and kept to our plans. We restructured our operations and finances appropriately, and even successfully restructured our shareholding to add over Baht 14 billion in liquidity. Moreover, we added new and knowledgeable members to our board and established the airasia Super App, transforming our company to become more than just an airline, all the while sustaining the excellent management that allowed us to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) index for the third consecutive year.

We may have hit a “Pause” on some of our aspirations but we never hit a “Stop”. We have remained ready to return and continued to uphold our foundation of efficient management and deliver quality service to our customers. We stand as ready as ever to fly forward, grow sustainably and expand our profits.

If we were to plot the COVID-19 crisis on a V-shaped graph, I believe we have passed its lowest point. Nonetheless, we will remain vigilant and we will tackle every obstacle even as the skies become clear.

“Healthy and Longevity” are the true marks of a company’s sustainability. Our spirit remains strong and we will be hitting a “Play” once again in 2022, mobilising the longstanding principles that have navigated us through many crises.

I thank our board, executives, Allstars, customers, partners, investors, and all of our stakeholders who have stayed by our side and will be striding forward with us. Please rest assured that with our strong foundations, we will remain an attractive investment that will continue to grow sustainably.

Mr. Vichate Tantiwanich
Chairman of the Board