Thai AirAsia has the vision of being the leading sustainable travel technology company in Asia providing more than just affordable flights. Besides, we have the mission to provide the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost, enhance service, to care for all our stakeholders, from Allstars, guests, business partners, investors to communities and governments, to create jobs across the region and be the best company to work for where dreams come true, and to create a globally recognised, sustainable ASEAN brand focused on adding value to the economy, society and environment where opportunities are opened for all and "Now Everyone Can Fly".

Furthermore, Thai AirAsia focuses on providing high-frequency service on short-haul international and domestic routes within the four and a half hours flight time from our hubs in Bangkok (Don Mueang International Airport), Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport), Phuket, and Chiang Mai. These give us access to the population in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the southern part of China and Japan. Thai AirAsia provides service to passengers who are leisure air travel passengers and also the business travellers by primarily considering the airfares and on-time performance.

Our business model is based on that of AirAsia Berhad “AAB”, who operates a low-fare airline under the “AirAsia” brand in Malaysia. The Company believes our simple single-class; single-family fleet configuration, point-to-point operations, high aircraft utilisation, scale, distribution channels, airasia rewards, and extensive route network provide us with a cost advantage over other Thai airlines and one that compares favourably with other low-cost carriers (LCC) around the world. Our cost advantages, lower fares, strong branding and marketing, as well as, reliable service have enabled us to expand continuously our operations since Thai AirAsia inception in 2004.


Thai Air Asia Airlines is a unique low cost airline that meets the diverse needs of people.


Under the 'Now everyone can fly' concept, Thai AirAsia offers its services of low fare, no frills strategy; whereby, customer upon their desire could pay extra for additional services such as check-in baggage, seat selection, bookings and booking changes, in-flight sale of food, beverages and merchandise, and etc. with the "You Pay What You Want" concept. This allows our fare price to be lower than that of the full services carriers, giving customers an attractive option for flying.


Thai AirAsia offers its services under fleet of all brand new Airbus A320 aircraft in every flight. It will continuously take delivery of new aircraft into its fleet. This would allow Thai AirAsia to provide customers with enhanced services in all of its flights with maximised safety from its brand new aircraft fleet.


All of our employees have the service mind, in providing friendly, best- quality services from the heart to all our passengers. All our employees have always been recognised in providing cosy and fun atmosphere to all our customers, having a friendly and smiley attitude. This has created a new fun and enjoyable travel experience when flying with Thai AirAsia.


Thai AirAsia is the non-stop airline filled with all surprises and fun, stunning excitement all the time, especially when it comes to our hot, special fares promotion. Such the attractive, all-year-round promotions of ours have always enticed travel interests among travel lovers, creating a new magnificent travelling trend.