AAV Returns to SET100 Index - Places on SETTHSI


BANGKOK, 19 June 2020 - Asia Aviation Plc. (AAV) has returned to the SET100 Index while also securing a spot on the Thailand Sustainability Investment Index (SETTHSI) according to an announcement by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) for the latter half of the year (1 July - 31 December 2020).

AAV's selection from the SET100 reflects its strong fundamentals as well as investor confidence, acknowledging its potential and adaptability along with the growth capacity of the aviation industry as a whole despite the severe impact from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Santisuk Klongchaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Aviation Plc. and Thai AirAsia Co. Ltd. said that “It is our pleasure to see that AAV has returned to the SET100 Index for the second half of 2020, in light of the resumption of domestic flights after the temporary hibernation due to COVID-19. This reflects the company's quick recovery which is testament to our ability to adapt to different situations and our determination to actively find new opportunities. We are optimistic for the overall recovery of the sector, and confident that the AAV will be seen as an attractive asset for investors.”

"We learned so much from the past four months, and have been able to adapt and seek new business opportunities using technological innovation and effective management" Santisuk said.

Thai AirAsia has resumed several of its domestic routes, introducing stringent health and hygiene measures and has received many positive signals, from state tourism support and support within its industry to cooperation from its guests. This has allowed the carrier to continue to match the demand for flight services and return to growth.

This is the company’s second consecutive year on the SETTHSI list, highlighting AAV's commitment to sustainability in all dimensions even during this crisis. Further reinforced by AAV also being on the reserve list of the SET Well-being (SETWB) index, a tracking of 30 assets across seven business categories in Thailand focusing on competitiveness and attractiveness to foreign investors.