AirAsia promotes being “On Time” as national agenda! New TVC to encourage punctuality to air from 9 Oct


BANGKOK, 11 October 2023 - AirAsia is reinforcing its status as a world-ranking on-time airline and encouraging everyone to prioritize being on-time in their daily life, tapping Director Thanonchai Sornsriwichai and creative agency Choojai Ka Kalayanamitr to produce a new advertising campaign titled “On Time,” showcasing how the simple act of being punctual can lead to nation-wide progress. The new television commercials begin airing 9 October, 2023.

Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Thai AirAsia, said: “Being on time is at the start of all parts of life, making time management essential to success. These benefits are compounded when everyone prioritizes punctuality and could even lead to national progress.

“This is also true of travel as being on time sets you up for happiness throughout the journey. On-time flights mean everyone gets to their destination to travel, meet, work or reconnect with loved ones according to their plan, which is why AirAsia is proud of its high on-time performance standard. This attribute has strengthened our image and become the main reason why so many people choose to fly with AirAsia,” Mr. Santisuk said.

Throughout 2022, Thai AirAsia was recognized for its on-time performance, receiving awards from two global institutions. On top of being the most on-time airline in Thailand, the carrier was placed 4th for on-time performance (OTP) globally with an OTP rating of 92.33 percent as assessed by OAG and was named the Most On-Time Airline in Asia-Pacific and 3rd Most On-Time Airline in the World with a rating of 91.56 percent according to Cirium. For 2023, Thai AirAsia has aimed to maintain OTP at above 90 percent for the entire year.

“The credibility of these OTP assessments by global institutions mean our airline, staff and everyone in Thailand can take pride in the fact that a Thai carrier has been world-ranked for on-time performance,” Mr. Santisuk said.

AirAsia continues to improve the standards and quality of its services and established an OTP committee of staff from relevant departments who have collaborated for years so that on-time performance may be evaluated and corrected in a timely manner.

All of these efforts have been synthesized into a concept that is now being displayed in the new advertising campaign, which calls on everyone in Thailand to commit to making being “on time” a national agenda that will lead to growth for all.

New TVC “On Time” is available here

About the AirAsia “On Time” TVC

  • Concept

The commercial shows the impacts of regularly not being on time, which while appearing to many as a minor issue, can be a national matter. The advertisement uses a rocket launch to symbolize progress and underlines how not being on time is a major problem that might lead to irreversible effects.

AirAsia wishes for everyone in Thailand to see punctuality as important and gives its word that it will maintain the on-time standard of its flights for everyone.

  • Length: 45 sec. and 15 sec.
  • Air Date: 9 October, 2023
  • Production: Choojai Ka Kalayanamitr Co.,Ltd., Komsan Wattanavanitchakorn, Nutthaporn Teppitak and Apichaya Ungpakornkaew
  • Director: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai (Tor Phenomena)