Material Aspects and Boundaries

Material Issues for Sustainability 2020

Thai AirAsia compiled this report to communicate to its stakeholders its determination to operate in accordance with sustainability strategies covering the three dimensions of economy, society and environment and its Sustainability Commitment.

The company reviewed material issues in 2020 and additional views from stakeholders in meetings with its Sustainable Development Committee to decipher internal and external factors affecting how it can operate to meet with international sustainability standards while also considering the sustainability context of world-class airlines and stakeholder inclusiveness as well as present and future risks to its business. Observing standards set by the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Sustainability Index through directions approved by its Company Board and executives, material issues for sustainability were indicated for this year, including 20 outlined by stakeholders. Related issues were grouped into a final nine by the Sustainability Committee and given scores according to vertical and horizontal criteria based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Concluded material issues were as follows: