Materiality Assessment


Thai AirAsia devotes importance to aligning our sustainability journey with our stakeholders’ evolving priorities to create meaningful long-term value and impact through our business. In 2023, we surveyed over 250 stakeholders’ input to identify our material sustainability issues, including our economic, environmental, and social challenges and priorities.

The Company reviewed all 12 material issues identified in 2022 to ensure a comprehensive assessment in all dimensions of our operation, from economics and society to the environment, as well as of all our stakeholder groups. Review was carried out to allow for development and improvement of our plans in the coming years and to follow up on the results of the past year. Based on the analysis of current global and industry trends as well as business objectives, the 12 material issues identified in the previous year were deemed to maintain relevance in 2023. The issues are presented herein in accordance with their priority to our stakeholders as the Company conducted group interviews of stakeholders this year to better understand and meet their demands and expectations.

The Company aims to conduct a more comprehensive assessment next year to ensure we remain on top of global and industry trends, meet our stakeholders’ priorities, and align with Capital A.

2023 Thai AirAsia Materiality Matrix