Thai AirAsia strives towards creating the best possible work environment and culture while fostering teamwork. We treat our staff with respect and acknowledge their individuality. Employment, promotion and transfer are all based on merit and with the aim that everyone can reach their full potential.

Human Resource Management Goals and Objectives

To be the Top 10 Airlines Globally and continue to be the best and largest airline group in ASEAN
To connect over 1 billion people throughout ASEAN by 2026

The Company policy of managing human capital and developing employee engagement and retention consists of the following:

Improving organisation effectiveness and efficiency
Create healthy succession pools (size & readiness) and high-potentail pools with the right skill sets
Building and sustaining a high-performing and productive workforce
Strengthening engagement, leadership & culture
Employment Structure

In 2022, the total number of Thai
4,478 persons.
Total remuneration of all employees in 2022
2,446 Baht million
Average of monthly salary per employee
38,990 Baht
Remuneration ratio male : female
= 1 : 0.52

Employees by age, gendar and position

Employees by nationality and base location


Customer Obsessed

A place for personal growth

Playing to win as a team

Wellbeing at work

A connected community

Respect for all

Human Rights Commitment

Thai AirAsia is committed to respecting human rights and does not practise discrimination in processes such as recruitment, does not use forced labour, does not engage in human trafficking and restricts employment of individuals under the age of 18 years. Human rights are further upheld through the Company’s resource management, employee training, work evaluation, fair payment practices, promotions and benefits, welfare arrangement, all of which are stated in the Company’s Code of Conduct. Thai AirAsia has a committee that surveys, inspects and recommends improvements against risks of human rights violation and has a plan to implement a human rights violation risk policy among its employees, contractors and employed labourers starting next year.

Employee Development

Thai AirAsia completed its Training Management System, which facilitates the training of employees in work skills and competencies required by law, for the efficient staging of classes, recording of results and test scores and even to notify learners to review their lessons for the maintaining of operational licences.All employees are provided basic operational training in accordance with their department. Targets for training are as follows:

Total Number of Employees that received training

Employee Satisfaction (eNPS: employee Net Promoter Score)

In 2022, the Company’s eNPS score was 45 instead of the desired target of 50. The People Development department created strategies to encourage employee commitment to the company and its future growth.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

Thai AirAsia provides a diverse, inclusive and equal work environment to nurture the best in our employees. Company fosters a positive culture in which employees are treated with dignity and respect towards their individuality. Employment, promotions and transfers are based on merit and performance to ensure equal treatment and no discrimination against gender, age, ethnicity, origin or disability

Thai AirAsia focused on gender equality and diversity. In 2022, female employees comprised
36.3 percent
of overall employment and
15.18 percent
of management positions
(Manager Level and Head of Department Level).
Disabled persons employed (Persons)

Seniors over the age of 60 years are considered for employment only in cases in which the individuals possess specialised and necessary traits or skills, such as aeronautical engineers or flight instructors. The employment of individuals over 60 years of age is as follows:

Seniors over 60 employed (Persons)

Employee Turnover

Thai AirAsia aims to constantly improve employee engagement and retention, targeting a turnover rate of no more than 5 percent per year and the retention of employees in key positions to ensure its business continuity. The employee turnover rate in 2022 was 4.7 percent, a 0.8 percent increase from the previous year primarily due to the slow recovery of the aviation industry. The Company hopes to expand its talent pool to help the Company grow by attracting and retaining talent through competitive benefits and effective technical and functional training.

Voluntary Employee Turnover Rate (Target: <5%)