An advantage to being a low-cost airline such as Thai AirAsia is that cost efficiency is part of our DNA. We are very adept at getting the most out of a limited budget. Our goal is making our product, that is a wide network of routes,“on-time operations and ancillary services” responsive to the needs of iur guests.

Service Efficiency

To achieve this goal, we begin by establishing service eddiciency to ensure that our guests become returning customers. We are also highly aware that the reverse is also true - that if we provide lackluster service, we will lose our customer-base and our good image. For these reasons, we prioritise the development of efficient services and strive towards making the best imperssion through the following strategies:

On-Time Performance


On-time performance (OTP) is crucial to airline operation and flight delays impact both overall performance and are a major cost for the Company. Due to this, maintaining efficient OTP is a matter of high priority for Thai AirAsia. Our target OTP rate for 2022 was 90 percent.

OTP Strategy

The safe and on-time journey of each flight requires integrative management among all departments. The Company established an On-Time Performance Committee to oversee this matter. Led by the Chief Executive Officer, the committee meets monthly to discuss OTP performance and factors affecting our achievement of set targets. Below are some areas covered:

  • Flight Schedule Analysis - Analysis is performed to strategise improvement in OTP. Flight scheduling impact is reviewed and statistics are used to analyse ground operations, leading to amendments for more efficient time management.
  • Single Database Operation System - A connected online document system constructed to reduce communication time and facilitate operations. OTP indicators are transmitted through the system to each station.
  • Analysis of Delay Types and Patterns - A working group analyses the effects of delays for the effective addressing of root causes and sets KPIS to measure the performance of relevant teams.
  • Analyses of Weather Conditions - Analyses of weather at each station to mitigate delays due to weather.
Performance 2022
On-time performance

For the year, we are proud to have maintained consistent reliability with an on-time performance rate of 92 percent.(due to this year’s increased number of flights and return to normal operations by airlines, on-time performance fell from last year).

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

Customer Satisfaction

For the effective enhancement of passenger service, Thai AirAsia has been using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) satisfaction index since 2019. The index measurescustomer satisfaction at set touch points along the Customer Journey with each point having a directly responsible department.

Improving the NPS requires integrative work by all departments towards a common goal. The customer satisfaction evaluation process involves assessment and revisions to operations at each touch point on a monthly basis to ensure that passenger needs are being met and strategies are being adapted at a timely pace.

Guest Services

The Guest Services Department is on the frontline of serving passengers and its duties include issuing tickets, boarding passengers, disembarking passengers and handling the sale of tickets at 24 airports nationwide.

The Company issued measures to improve guest services and, with the relaxation of COVID-19 prevention measures, we recruited more staff to meet the operational demands. The department further bolstered standardsby organising training for employees who had been deferred from work for over two months or more and required they achieve passing scores on a test of standards before returning to their duties.

A guest services development training course was also created with the TMC. The “Red Booster” course was designed to be a “booster shot” for staff returning to service after the COVID-19 crisis and also provided them with positive experiences to be passed on to passengers. The course began in September 2022.

Inflight Service

The cabin crew serves passengers in-flight with a focus on safety and service with the aim of having passengers reach their destinations smoothly, safely and on-time. Cabin crew service adheres to standards set by Thai AirAsia.

Service processes were adapted to shifting circumstances for optimal performance both in terms of preventing and handling the spread of COVID-19, the main cause for changes during the global pandemic. Service for both commercial flights and charter flights were drastically altered from normal circumstances.

Even during distancing necessitated by the pandemic, the Cabin Crew Department was able to stage regular training and uphold its service practices to ensure the proper care of passengers. This was achieved through the BEGREAT concept:

Based on assessments of customer satisfaction over the past year, positive factors for satisfaction include safety during journeys, the ticketing process, OTP, enthusiasticservice and good human relations throughout the service process.

Customer Satisfaction (NPS Score Summary)

In 2022, Thai AirAsia targeted a total Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50 percent. The score dropped slightly from 56% in 2021 to 55% in 2022 because our reduced workforce had to cater to more guests and more complex travel documentation requirements. Nonetheless, passenger satisfactionon service quality was generally maintained, indicating the Company’s ability to continue to providegood service.

Customer Satisfaction

On top of strategising responses by departments, the Company also analyses and evaluates satisfaction and sets plans for development and improvement of products and services as well as overall operations:

Responsible Marketing and Advertising

Thai AirAsia is committed to complying with all relevant laws and providing accurate information on its products and services in its marketing, advertising, public relations and promotional activities. All information portrayed in theCompany’s advertising, public relations and communicationswith consumers are reviewed by the Legal Department and Revenue Department prior to release and the Company is ready to respond and coordinate with a relevant departmentin the event a customer has a complaint or concern involvingthe accuracy of any advertised information.

Customer Data Protection Policy and Practices

Thai AirAsia and AirAsia Group have pledged to collect personal customer data responsibly and to protect the privacy of personal data in every possible way. The Company collects, utilises and discloses personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 2019 (PDPA). Customers, contractual parties and users may view additional details in the AirAsia Privacy Statement available at

The Company maintains appropriate personal data security as required by law and limits access to personalcustomer data for its employees and representatives to protect against leaks and unauthorised usage.