Service Efficiency

An advantage to being a low-cost airline such as Thai AirAsia is that cost efficiency is part of our DNA. We are very adept at getting the most out of a limited budget. Our goal is making our product, that is a wide network of routes, “on-time operations and ancillary services” responsive to the needs of our guests.

To achieve this goal, we begin by establishing service efficiency to ensure that our guests become returning customers. We are also highly aware that the reverse is also true - that if we provide lackluster service, we will lose our customer-base and our good image. For these reasons, we prioritise the development of efficient services and strive towards making the best impression through the following strategies:

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew is an important position due to the customer-facing nature and has created a distinguished safety and service standards through undergoing Cabin Crew Safety Training and exercising the “Five Service Touch Points”

“5 Service Touch Points”

Cabin Crew Safety Training

Passenger safety is of utmost importance, which is why safety training for our cabin crew is rigorous. Training from theory to practice is conducted in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand’s regulations by experienced and appropriately accredited Cabin Crew Instructors and Safety Examiners using only international standard equipment.

All cabin crew must score at least 90 out of 100 points in each course of their training so that we may assure our guests that they are in knowledgeable and capable hands and that they will receive the assistance they require if circumstances arise. Our cabin crew are prepared to perform Emergency Cabin Preparation, Unprepared Emergency Evacuation, Post Impact Duties and First Aid while awaiting medical response to increase chances of recovery, and etc.

Our training is technical and result-based.And the theory and practice tests are performed every 12 months to reaffirm existing skills and introduce new know-how. This is all to provide the utmost confidence in safety to our guests and our cabin crew themselves.

Maintaining Service Quality

While our cabin crew are expected to always work from the heart, they also undergo Cross Surveillance Checks by our cabin crew executives to ensure they are adhering to Thai AirAsia’s standards. The checks see external aviation authorities boarding flights as guests and observing our cabin crew in terms of their grooming, attitude, conduct and use of the 5 Service Touch Points. Results of the surveillance are reported back for evaluation.

Guest Service

Our Guest Service staff are required to undergo the Service Excellence training which instills in each of them a positive attitude and thorough understanding of service excellence, from welcoming the guests to leaving beyond-expected impression to attract repeated guests. They are also trained to be flexible while maintaining all safety standards, upholding Thai AirAsia’s reputation as well as complying with all regulations.

Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys must score at a minimum of 8.5 out of 10. In 2017, we scored


higher than the target.

Improving Travel Convenience

Thai AirAsia was one of the earliest low-fare airlines to apply technology to streamline operations and to create greater guest convenience, especially in reducing wait time in light of the high volume of people that we carry. To address these issues, we created and incorporated technologies such as:

The added convenience of the check-in kiosk can be seen in the increased frequency of its use between the year 2018 and 2017.

Thai AirAsia Passengers 2017 (Million Passengers) 2018 (Million Passengers) Growth (%)
Total Passengers 19.7 21.6 9.64
Total Self Check-In 9.65 10.66 10.47
Mobile Phone Check-In 2.17 2.49 14.75
Kiosk Check-In 3.32 3.62 9.04
Web Check-In 4.16 4.55 9.38

Thai AirAsia served 19.7 million passengers in 2017 with 9.65 million, or 49.8 percent, choosing to self check-in, while in 2018 it served 21.6 million passengers with 10.66 million or


using self check-in services.

These statistics indicate that our passengers are keenly aware of and understand our check-in innovations and support our continued development of such methods.

Thai AirAsia Service Leaves No One Behind

Thai AirAsia collaborated with the Rehabilitation Centre of the Thai Red Cross to design a course to improve service for guests with impaired mobility, ensuring that they receive appropriate and timely service. The training was divided into courses based on the duties of different departments and builds on the airline’s Friendly Design program, focusing on providing convenience to those who are mobility impaired, affirming that “Now Everyone Can Fly”.

Thai AirAsia Customer Satisfaction

In continually improving our service, Thai AirAsia conducts a quarterly customer satisfaction survey at the arrivals at five hubs (Don Mueang International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, Khon Kaen Airport and Chiang Mai International Airport). A total of 570-580 guests were surveyed between 2017 and 2018.

Perceptions towards Thai AirAsia of “Better than Expected/Slightly Better than Expected” increased in 2018 (39% -> 43%) and were significantly higher year-on-year compared to 2017 (35% -> 43%). Positive factors indicated by guests included on-time service, passionate service from staff, courteousness from staff, strong human relations and smooth take-offs and landings. Guests ranked the importance of services from high to low at check-in, booking, in-flight service, boarding, disembarkation management and baggage management.

Y 2018 Y 2017
Overall Score (score 1-10) 8.72 8.60
%Satisfied passengers (T3B:10-8) 90 87
%Very satisfied passengers (T2B :10-9) 63 67

Marketing Communication “Care More than You Know, Because Everyone Matters.”

Apart from service excellence through innovation and constant customer feedback, we have also addressed key issues highlighted by our guests into our marketing communication to help our guests understand why strict rules and regulations are required during flights such as turning mobile devices off during take-off and landing, ensuring the window shades are open and putting their seats upright during take-off and landing. We seek to have our guests understand that it is our determination to serve them with quality, which includes safety, on-time operation and equality for all. While communicating this externally, we have also communicated inward to our staff so that they may understand the expectations of those they are serving.

This comprehensive and well-rounded approach allows us to improve our service, evaluate our performance and carry out communications beneficial to our operations, improving our image and loyalty to our brand for the sake of sustainability.